Canard à la presse - "ruen duck"

For the first time in the Czech Republic, for the first time in Prague, and only in the Brasserie La Gare Jan Kvasnička, Chef La Gare Group presents Canard à la press. From March 4th 2014 taste this delicious dish, which have been prepared in France since the 18th century. The first chef, who served this food was chef Mechenet of Ruen, which also gave the nickname to the dish "specialty of Ruen". Later it was included in repertoire of Frederic, head chef in the restaurant La Tour d' Argent in Paris and also Auguste Escoffier, the father of modern French cuisine, king of chefs, a native from Provence, who brought the dish to the menu in Savoy Hotel in London. In Paris La Tour d' Argent with the pressed duck, and as well as in Prague Brasserie La Gare, you will receive a certificate of consumption. Duck number 380 was served to Prince Edward, the prince of wales and number 938,451 was served to Michal Gorbachev. In 2008 they had sold more than 1.2 millions of ducks. In 2014 Canard à la press could be tasted for the first time in our country.

The original dish originated from ducks of Ruen, hybrids of wild and domestic ducks. Raising these ducks is not a simple task. The wild duck is not sitting on the eggs, so the eggs must then hatch in the hatchery. Ducks for sale on the market accidentally suffocated on the way. Farmers thought the meat further processed as usual. The difference was only in the time of ejection, which is up to two days. This does not hurt the meat at all, quite the contrary. In our times the duck is stored for two days in fridge and then is ejected. It has a higher content of blood and it makes the meat tastier.

The entire preparation is dependent primarily upon the special press in which the compressed frame with wings, without legs, breasts, and viscera. The duck is squeezed to get the blood, which then thickens the finishing sauce. Pour sauce over breasts and legs. Other ingredients of the recipe are Armagnac, Port wine, duck demi glace liver and heart, butter and lemon.

Home preparation is very complicated, therefore taste the Canard à la press in Brasserie La Gare, V Celnici 3, Prague 1, Book on or call 222 313 712.